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Politicians Aptitude Test

Here is our position on the issue of this test:

My fellow aspiring politicians! What we have here is a series of scenarios, some set in the present-day, and some based on history. You are to review the scenarios and determine which of the five responses matches your own most likely response the closest. At the end of the test, go to the answer key and see your results. We don't have any forms or fancy interactive Java programming here, so you will need a scratch pad to keep track of your answer numbers. Why are we offering this test here at this time and in this place? We have no hidden agenda. Michael Edwards, the main character in Richard Warren Field's novel, The Election, is a Presidential candidate. We are trying to promote this book, while also making a contribution to the discovery of the leaders of tomorrow. So good luck, my dear friends. May God Bless you through this mighty endeavor, and ask not what the test can do for you, but what you can do for the test.
Our platform about this test is stated above

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The list of questions:

1. The Bad Hair Dilemma
2. The Found Money
3. The Marbles Dilemma
4. The Race Track Dilemma
5. The Great Idea Dilemma
6. The Lincoln Dilemma
7. The Johnson Dilemma
8. The Nixon Dilemma
9. The Clinton Dilemma
10. The Washington Dilemma

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