A handmade carpet or known as area rug is what comes to mind first in terms of comfort in our home. This type of carpet serves as an integral part when it comes to home decoration. A decoration won’t be complete without putting a handmade carpet on it. A rug has all in one feature. Meaning, once you invest for a rug in your house in ideal design and shape, then you don’t have to place anything else within your room because this item can complete the decoration of your house with its cozy touch and mix-match color. Keep on reading to determine how area rugs can complete your first-owned house.  


Handmade carpets are known as an anti-slip accent. Both the wooden floor and marble floors are slippery. Hence, to be safe, you must incorporate handmade carpets in your house. When you have an elderly family member or a kid, then having this will be a must. Handmade carpets provide a classic and cozy feel. You can utilize this if you want to help your carpet extend its lifespan.  

Mix and match pattern 

Are rugs are woven into 3 kinds of technique—flat-woven technique, hand-tufted technique, and hand-knotted technique. A hand-knotted rug is woven inch by inch using knots. Meaning, it’s woven in purely natural materials such as wool and silk. Silk area rugs are just woven using the traditional woven method. It comprises of multi-vibrant colors such as orange, green, red, blue, rust, etc. Also, this can easily blend into your decorations. When you plan to invest in modern rugs, then select geometrical pattern carpets and bold motifs. Handmade carpets surely provide a fresh and vibrant touch to your decoration.  

Penetrate the noise 

Today, people like incorporating wooden flooring in their houses since it really provides a modern look and is the best for the modern interior room. Once everyone walks on a wooden floor, it just makes noise and just a carpet has the noise absorption feature. Hence, make sure to place an area rug on your wooden floor to make a calm atmosphere for your household members.  

Protect the floor 

Flooring is a costly thing to invest in. For instance, you have a white marble floor in your house. How can you clean and protect your area rug from spots, mud, dust, and grime? White marble requires to get more TLC compared to a wooden floor or another typical floor since when there’s any dirt in it, it can be obvious from far. Hence, if you’re planning to put an area rug in your living room, invest in a massive woolen area rug. Also, for areas with high traffic, the best material would be wool since it can help in protecting our floor from unsolicited particles, dust, dirt, and more.  

However, regardless if you have area rugs or carpet flooring, they still need to be maintained at least 1-2 times every year. For you not to forget your carpet cleaning schedule, book for a reputable residential and commercial carpet cleaning today.