Things You Should Be Cleaning Weekly

As you clean your house, there are a few tasks that you need to deal with on daily basis, there are even weekly household chores, and particular areas of the house just require attention once per month. Determining when and what to clean is important if you want to maintain a healthy and clean home. To support that claim, keep on reading this article to learn more about the area of your house that must be cleaned every week. 

Your carpet and rugs 

If you don’t vacuum your carpet and rugs regularly, expect that heavy dirt will have ground in. Light dust will sit on the top. It is a lot easier to remove such light dust than removing heavy dirt in your carpets and rigs. Because of this, you have to regularly vacuum them so that you an gather the light dust before it sets into your rugs and carpet. This tip is particularly vital for areas in your home that are busy and usually get high traffic. If you don’t have enough time and too busy to clean your carpet, you can always refer to the help from the expert carpet cleaning service near you today or whenever you like.  

Your sheets 

Check your bedsheets every week and make sure to wash them. If you’ll only consider just how much time you have spent lying on your bed sheet, it won’t be difficult to notice why they require to be regularly washed. Take note that germs, sweat, and body oils can quickly build up. Because of this, you have to put them in your washing machine on a weekly basis. There’s nothing better than lying in bed after putting on new bedsheets.  

Your bathtub and shower 

Make sure that your shower and bathtub are washed every week. This isn’t just imperative when it comes to keeping your bathroom to look clean. However, it’s also important for your health. In the end, these wet and warm places tend to breed mildew and scum. If you clean such areas every week with a bath scrubber, it can assist you to resist such stains. Moreover, to make this weekly chore a lot simpler to do, it would be best to run a squeegee over the surfaces after you’re done washing up.  

Your kitchen floors 

When there’s a room in your home that will eventually become grubby in a short span of time that would undeniably be the kitchen area. In the end, whenever you make a sandwich for lunch or just cook a meal, it’s unavoidable for crumbs to wind up on the floor. Because of this, it would be a great idea to incorporate cleaning and sweeping your kitchen floors to your cleaning to-do list every week.  

Now that you know some of the many parts of your home that needs to be cleaned every week, try to check them in your homes today. If you can’t recall when the last time you cleaned them was, then you might as well do it today. 

Cleaning Tricks and Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are more susceptible to danger and diseases that forces you to guarantee a clean and safe environment for it. However, dealing with a pet is occasionally difficult and time consuming especially when you’re a busy individual. Those who are still undecided whether to bring a pet home fear that cleaning every rooms isn’t needed anymore. In fact, you can live with a pet and maintain a clean house at the same time. In this article, we’ll be listing the few typical and resourceful tips that are best applied for pet owners.  

Regularly brush your pet 

Regularly brushing your pet doesn’t have alternative in order to keep them safe and healthy for you. Keeping up a routine, you need to regularly brush your pet. But, if you have insufficient time to wash your pet daily, then you need to at least brush them twice or thrice per week. You can always utilize pet cleaning soap or reagent as you wash them.  

White vinegar method 

The majority of pet owners experience issues of bad smell with their pets. To help deodorize your carpets, you can simply apply white vinegar on top of it. This substance is a great reagent that can help to effectively deodorize your carpet easily. Once you can keep a healthy carpet, it’ll be beneficial for you in making sure that your home will simply get a healthy environment. But, if you’re unsure how to apply this method, go ahead and book for a professional carpet cleaning services

Avoid dirt on the door 

Dogs have the tendency to track in mud and dirt from outdoors. When you can stop the dirt right at your doorway, it’ll be a lot beneficial for you to easily clean your home. You can do this by keeping a shallow container of water, a towel, or rug by your door. Once the pet returns, wipe the legs of your pet well. This way, you can keep any dirt from getting tracked into your home.  

Handheld vacuum cleaner 

Any pet owners need to maintain a safe surface. Utilizing a handheld vacuum cleaner can help remove insects and dust from the floor easily. Moreover, it can keep your environment fresh and helps with your home cleaning. If you’re a pet owner, then you need to have a handheld vacuum cleaner or a lint roller as an alternative.  

Using a lint roller  

If you’re a pet owner, it’s risky to clean the floor by hand. A lint roller is a vital tool that every pet owner should have since it can help eliminate any pet hair and invisible germ from any surface without actually touching it. In this manner, lint rollers can guarantee a safe environment for both you and your fluffy friend. Moreover, it’s very easy to use this tool and it helps to get the job done fast.  

Those are only some of the many tips you can learn from us. For more articles like this, visit our website daily.  

Complete Your Own Home with Area Rug

A handmade carpet or known as area rug is what comes to mind first in terms of comfort in our home. This type of carpet serves as an integral part when it comes to home decoration. A decoration won’t be complete without putting a handmade carpet on it. A rug has all in one feature. Meaning, once you invest for a rug in your house in ideal design and shape, then you don’t have to place anything else within your room because this item can complete the decoration of your house with its cozy touch and mix-match color. Keep on reading to determine how area rugs can complete your first-owned house.  


Handmade carpets are known as an anti-slip accent. Both the wooden floor and marble floors are slippery. Hence, to be safe, you must incorporate handmade carpets in your house. When you have an elderly family member or a kid, then having this will be a must. Handmade carpets provide a classic and cozy feel. You can utilize this if you want to help your carpet extend its lifespan.  

Mix and match pattern 

Are rugs are woven into 3 kinds of technique—flat-woven technique, hand-tufted technique, and hand-knotted technique. A hand-knotted rug is woven inch by inch using knots. Meaning, it’s woven in purely natural materials such as wool and silk. Silk area rugs are just woven using the traditional woven method. It comprises of multi-vibrant colors such as orange, green, red, blue, rust, etc. Also, this can easily blend into your decorations. When you plan to invest in modern rugs, then select geometrical pattern carpets and bold motifs. Handmade carpets surely provide a fresh and vibrant touch to your decoration.  

Penetrate the noise 

Today, people like incorporating wooden flooring in their houses since it really provides a modern look and is the best for the modern interior room. Once everyone walks on a wooden floor, it just makes noise and just a carpet has the noise absorption feature. Hence, make sure to place an area rug on your wooden floor to make a calm atmosphere for your household members.  

Protect the floor 

Flooring is a costly thing to invest in. For instance, you have a white marble floor in your house. How can you clean and protect your area rug from spots, mud, dust, and grime? White marble requires to get more TLC compared to a wooden floor or another typical floor since when there’s any dirt in it, it can be obvious from far. Hence, if you’re planning to put an area rug in your living room, invest in a massive woolen area rug. Also, for areas with high traffic, the best material would be wool since it can help in protecting our floor from unsolicited particles, dust, dirt, and more.  

However, regardless if you have area rugs or carpet flooring, they still need to be maintained at least 1-2 times every year. For you not to forget your carpet cleaning schedule, book for a reputable residential and commercial carpet cleaning today. 

Eliminating Mold Out of the Carpet

You’ll have to take action right away to resolve the issue if you think that there’s mold developing under your carpets. Aside from being harmful to your health, the growth of mold could cause damage to your home as well. Some of the consequences include damaging the wood, spreading, and staining.  

While recognizing mold can be hard, it’s very crucial to understand what to look out for if you want to keep your house safe. Today, we are going to talk about how to eliminate mold out of your carpet. 

Getting Rid of Mold from the Carpet 

There are several ways to safely remove mold from the carpet. This depends on your preferences. Perhaps the fastest and safest method will be to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Carpet cleaning experts will be able to safely and thoroughly eliminate the mold from the carpet in a method that will not damage your house. However, if you don’t want to hire one, here are some things to consider: 

Begin with Correct Ventilation 

You’ve got to guarantee that the mold-prone area is getting enough ventilation. Regardless of the outside temperature, the circulation of air will help get rid of the dampness from the room and lessen the bad impacts of living with mold in the house. While you’re working on solving the mold problem in the carpet, you have to ventilate the area thoroughly to alleviate the possible health risks that mold may pose to your family.  

Use Natural Solutions as Much as Possible 

A lot of homeowners prefer the concept of utilizing natural products as a means to remove mold in the carpet. Avoiding unknown and harmful chemicals offers you a sense of ease and confidence in your home’s safety while also being able to successfully solve the mold issue.  

For those who don’t know, vinegar is a great cleaning solution to eliminate mold stains as well as mold odor in your house. You need to use a spray bottle when applying vinegar and spritz the vinegar across the carpet. You can also use a brush to scrub the affected area.  

Simply ensure that you should set a fan on the area after you utilize liquid on the carpet. This will help it dry properly. Of course, you do not want to have a wet carpet.  

Utilize Commercial Products 

When dealing with a mold problem, commercial products can also be very useful. Antifungal sprays, cleaners, and a lot more can be easily located in your home improvement shop.  

However, you have to be careful when choosing a product to use on your carpet. The reason for this is that most of these products can be effective against mold. However, they might present negative effects to your carpet’s appearance. For example, chlorine dioxide is great against the growth of mold in carpets. However, it might cause carpets to excessively fade.  

If you do not want to damage your carpet but want to get rid of the mold, your best bet is to hire a carpet cleaning company.  

Choosing a Carpet If You’ve Got Pets

If you’ve got pets, selecting the ideal carpet can be a bit stressful. Of course, you’ve got to prioritize the needs of your pet. This is particularly true if you consider yourself a proud pet parent. You can do this by selecting a pet-friendly carpet. However, you also want to pick a carpet that fits your practical needs and match your interior design.  

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a carpet for your pets. This includes what type should you choose, what color is best, how often should you hire carpet cleaners, and much more. Today, we are going to discuss some things to consider when choosing a carpet for your pets.  

The Ideal Form of Carpet Pile for Your Pets 

This is one popular question that pet owners ask whenever they’re looking for the ideal carpets for pets. What form of the pile is most pet friendly and the best? You should generally pick a pile that’s quite short since it gets rid of the possibility of your pet’s claws catching it and getting harmed.  

The most common carpet pile forms to think about include: 

  • Frieze – Though less uniform compared to Saxony, this type of pile is still actually excellent for pet owners since it is excellent at concealing stains and is durable.  
  • Saxony – One of the ideal pile for pets is Saxony since it hides nicely stains, scratches, and wear.  

Pet-Friendly Carpets 

The truth is that a couple of carpets are more pet-friendly and pet-resistant compared to others. If you want to prevent selecting a carpet that is not ideal for your pets, there are two types of carpets you have to consider. This includes: 

  • Nylon Carpet 

This type of carpet is a pet-resistant and pet-friendly carpet. It stands up to regular traffic from your pets, does not hold pet odors, and is easy to clean. It’s one of the ideal carpets for your pets since it’s convenient to clean and very durable.  

  • Wool Carpet 

This type of carpet is both quite a stain-resistant and durable material. Pet owners find that wool performs extremely great in homes with pets since it is both a beautiful and natural material. Your dog or cat will have a comfortable surface to sleep and walk on. In addition to all of that, the wool carpet will not show a lot of wear and tear as well. 

Tips for Picking the Ideal Carpet for Pets 

When selecting the ideal carpet for your pets, there are a couple of things you have to remember. This includes: 

  • You have to pick a particular pattern and color that will help conceal stains. As much as possible, you should avoid white carpets.  
  • Think about picking carpet tiles since they’re a lot simpler to replace if you’ve got a pet that is always making accidents indoors. 
  • Choose a carpet fiber that is more pet and stain-resistant. The most popular ones are nylon and wool. You need to pick the right carpet fiber even if your pet is trained to not make accidents indoors.